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Entering The Space Industry

Organizational Approach

A quick start approach requires the reliance on the American industrial establishment, not as vendors, but as business partners while sharing decision-making with the partners to the fullest extent possible and avoidance of bureaucratic delays.

Organizational Entities
The Nationtional Space Museum, LLC
. . . . Library, Exhibits, Education Center
Non-Profit - Public Donations, Grants (Educational Research)
Orbital Space Systems, Inc.
. . . . Engineering/Construction Company
For Profit - Business Operations
Investors, Bond Offering
Stock Offering
Additional Programs - These additional programs will be executed separtely but will have technology overlap which will bring down overall cost and shorten time required for construction.
Program I
Space Transportation Services - Former Shuttle Program
. . . . Shuttle Program Private Aquisition (Commercialization from NASA to
. . . . private sector)
. . . . Shuttle Fleet Expansion (Building of additional shuttles to enlarge fleet)
. . . . Shuttle Program Management modified similar to Private Commercial Airline
. . . . Program with government oversight.
Program II
Space Station Design & Construction - License Apollo Technologies
. . . . Constuct heavy lift vehicle using Saturn rockect technology.
. . . . Design and construct a privately owned Space Station using multiple Saturn rocket
. . . . modules. (Space Station design similar to Skylab but with multiple modules)
Program III
Lunar Base Development
. . . . Develop a lunar base to establish a permanant presence by a consortium of private
. . . . company's.
. . . . Develop Space infrastructure to support a permanant manned program for 50 people.