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Coffee News ® Huntsville online edition.

This is a prototype of an online edition of the Coffee News.

(Design & Development 2016)


1097 Newspaper Online edition

This is a prototype of an online edition of the 1097 Willis Nonthly Newspaper

(Design & Development 2015-2016)


Old County Ranch RV Park is a Realestate business development in the Willis, Texas area by local business man.

(Design & Development 2015-2016)


The National Space Museum & Educational Center
Space Museum Site to promote Space Development & Commercialization
(Design & Development 2008-2009)

Gary's Welding
Entry Gates, Pole Barns, Property Fencing, Security Gates,
Ornamental Fencing, Decorative Bridges
(Design & Development 7/2008)


Misty Lane Residence
Rose Garden with over 100 rose bushes
(Design & Development 2009)

Back Yard BBQ
BBQ Catering and Event Planner located in Tomball, Texas.
(50 Web Pages, 40 Graphics, Design & Development 1/2005)

University of Texas Health Science Center - Web Master, Site Developer, Programmer
Web Master for the UTHSC in the department for Academic Computing. Helped to develop UTHSC "Web Site Guidelines and Standards". Trained and supported 300 Web authors on the use of FrontPage to develop multiple UTHSC sites. Created online newsletter called "Originator" newsletter to help support and train the Web user community on the use and development of Web pages using developed standards. Additional projects included creating search tools for UTHSC Web sites using Verity Search technology "GSBS Alumni Search Tool". Implemented Meta Tags for use in UTHSC Web pages for use with the Verity Search Engine tools using JAVA, Java Script, ASP Script. Software tools included Unix, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Netscape Server, Netscape Publisher, and Verity Search Engine Technology.
Dental School - Web Master, Site Developer, Programmer
Redesigned the main Dental School Web site using UTHSC standards. Developed standards for web site design, layout, graphic designer, site management, content and forms. Maintained multiple Web sites Dental School departments. Supported multiple Web authors developing the Dental School Web site.
DB Search Engine Tool

JM Boots
Healing Soles For Over 40 Years
(Design & Development 5/2002)

Engineering Project Technologies
Engineering Project Technologies or E.P.T. is a Houston based firm providing Services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Project Management.
(13 Web Pages, 10 Graphics, Design & Development 4/2000)

Internet Plus
Web Site Hosting, Computer Consulting, Data Center Services,
Web Site Development, Computer Training
(Providing Web Developmet Since 4/94 - Current)


The Web Sites listed below are no longer functional. The companies have changed their Web sites and the links to them are broken. Descriptions are descriptive of the scope of work performed and when.

Houston Home Show (Company Out of Business)
Promoter of Houston Home shows
Located in Houston - celebrating 25 years in business.
(134 Web Pages, 260 Graphics, Design & Development 6/00)
Houston Home Show - Events
Posted real time event information as it happened. Created exhibitor
Web pages prior to event for public review of event prior to opening.

Spas, Inside & Out
Provide Jacuzzi Spas and Baths
(94 Web Pages, 205 Graphics, Design & Development 10/99 - 11/00)

Spas & Gazebos
Factory Direct Spas and Gazebos
(19 Web Pages, 44 Graphics, Design & Development 10/99 - 11/00)

Gringo Daves
Healthy Vacation Site Near The Caribbean Sea
(100 Web Pages, 120 Graphics, Design & Development 10/99)

Texas Home & Garden Show (Web Site)
Texas Home & Garden Show (Web Event)
Promoter of Home & Garden shows
In Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and New Orleans.
(360 Web Pages, 450 Graphics, Design & Development 6/99 - 12/99)

Cypress Storage
Climate & Non-Climate Controlled Units
(Design & Development 10/98)

Cypress Fairbanks Rodeo, FAA Livestock Show - 2nd Annual District-Wide (Web Site)
"You're Invited To A Five Star Weekend!" A Review Of What Happened.
(21 Web Pages, 15 Graphics, Design & Development 2/96)

Cypress Fairbanks Rodeo, FAA Livestock Show - 2nd Annual District-Wide (Web Event)
Posted real time event information as it happened.

LDP Online
Landscaping, Decks & Patios
(Design & Development 1994 - 1996)

Texas Gallery
Texas Attractions and Information
(Design & Development 1994 - 1996)
The Houston Malls
The site includes Mall store listings, store hours and
locations within mall, and product information.
(Design & Development 1995)

Shell Houston Open - Event
Posted real time event information as it happened.
Providing Web Developmet for Event Promotion and Tournament results.

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