1925 Richmond, Suite A, Houston, Texas 77098, Off: 713-526-7080, Fax: 713-526-7225
Personnel Staffing
Web Site Development
Computer Consulting
Professional Training

MSI Workforce Inc., of Houston, provides personal staffing, web site development, computer consulting and client training specializing in the medical industries.
email to Victoria off: 713- 526-7080, fax: 713-526-7225

Creating synergy where people can work together more effectively than they can do alone.

"Low Quality is Unaffordable"

MSI operational definition of quality is nothing less than total customer satisfaction.

MSI achieves this by meeting or exceeding our customers expectations.

Quality itself is not a fixed objective. Rather it is a continuously evolving target.

Continuous improvements are essential where previous quality levels are used as the basis for future improvements.

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