Internet Plus Business Proposal with MSI Workforce Inc.
Last Update: 10/09/02

MSI Workforce Inc., of Houston, currently provides contract placement to the medical industry. Future plans include provide training classes specific to support the nursing industry and establishing internet e-commerce site that sells nursing supplies and clothing.
email to Victoria off: 713- 526-7080, fax: 713-526-7225

Internet Plus, of Houston, currently provides web site development, web site hosting, computer consulting and computer training to small and large businesses in the Houston metroplex area. Future plans include offering staffing solutions to the IT industry and developing e-commerce solutions. My work biography.
email to George Rogers day: 713-500-3506, night: 281-970-5831, pager: 713-549-9283

The purpose of this proposal is to define a combined working relationship between MSI Workforce and Internet Plus under the name of MSI Workforce, Inc. The details will define a working agreement, joint service offering, compesation plan, support services required.

Basis for agreement will be the following:
1. No outlay of personal capital from either company. agreeed
2. Maintain minority business status (least 51% owned by a woman or women who also control and operate it. Control in this context means exercising the power to make policy decisions. Persue government grants for minority, women owned businesses within new business model. agreed
3. Minimize exposure to new liabilities. "Liabilites List" agreed
4. No expansion of existing staff required to offer new services. "Current Staffing" agreed
5. MSI Workforce, Inc. "Existing Business Model", defines personnal placement company offering direct and contract personnal to the Medical industries.
(includes future plans for training and e-commerce)
Option #1
Contract Agreement for MSI Workforce to resale Internet Plus Services
1. "Contract Agreement" MSI will act as marketing and sales represenative for Internet Plus. MSI will provide marketing, sales, administration through existing systems in-place. Review - Victoria, Vistoria's Attorney, Victoria's CPA in progress
2. Internet Plus "Existing Business Model", defines services and products related to web site development, computer training and computer consulting.
Option #2
MSI Workforce, Inc. prurchase of Internet Plus
1. Write "Press Release" for MSI Workforce, Inc. prurchase of Internet Plus complete
2. "Combined Service offering" Reference Master Agreement between Internet Plus and MSI Workforce complete
3. "New Business Model" will combine both existing business models under one business model managed by MSI Workforce. Business rules should allow for administration expenses to be expensed before distribution of compensation. (includes facilities, instructors, training material, sales commissions, etc.) in progress
4. "Master Agreement", MSI will purchase Internet Plus from owner in exchange for stock in MSI. Review - Victoria, Vistoria's Attorney, Victoria's CPA in progress
5. "Employment Agreement" between George Rogers and MSI shall include compensation based upon agreed fixed fee or percentage as shown on service schedules and referenced in master agreement. in progress
MSI Workforce (MSI Admin) Administrative


1. MSI Admin will provide administrative support services. (phones, office, payroll, billing) current
2. MSI Admin will provide facilities, sales/marketing, hardware, software for MSI product and service development. current
3. MSI Admin will provide support for the newly formed divisions of Staffing and Computer Services. .
4. MSI Admin will persue opportunities for MSI Workforce as a result of MSI status as minority, women owned business. in progress
MSI Workforce (MSI Staffing) Staffing Division


1. MSI Staffing will provide staffing to the medical indsutry. current
2. MSI Staffing will develop staffing opportunities to IT industries. future
3. MSI Staffing will develop staffing opportunities to other industries. future
4. MSI Staffing will develop staffing incintive programs for recruiting and retention of staff. discussion
5. MSI Staffing will  .
MSI Workforce (MSI Staffing) Staffing Division - Evaluation and Training Status
1. On-line Evaluations - Job Skills Assessment - WorkKeys in progress
2. Reseller of existing on-line training programs, develop in-house training programs future
3. Customized Corporate Workforce Training Services in progress
1M Class Room Training - Professional and Licensure Certification Testing .
2M Class Room Training - Authorized Prometric Testing Center .
3M Class Room Training - other .
MSI Workforce (MSI Comp) Computer Services Division Status
Develop business model for Computer Services Division providing: web hosting services, web development, computer consulting, and computer training. In progress
Locate new "Web Hosting Service" as reseller. Existing hosting with In progress
3. Provide list of hardware and software that 24/7 technical support could be offered. .


Obtain sponsorship from UT-Houston faculty for "Guest" account for providing web services to UT-Houston. Swap "Guest" account for limited free web support.


5. Locate an office presence within UT-Houston campus for desktop support and web development. In progress
6. Establish a "Web Development" users group, located in UT-Houston,
World Organization of Webmasters - Filing fee $50.00 for corp. papers, membership / organization plan (in progress)
7.  Hosting of web site for classroom training. Needs Front Page extensions, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, SQL, Access, and E-commerce. Restricted directory. Completed
8. Create restricted directory structure for students of training classes. Completed
9. Create mailing lists - students, business, newsletters future
10. Locate for software or create web enabled database for resumes for Staffing Division - restricted by user (public, client, MSI employees) in progress

Create Newsletters - MSI (general), medical, staffing, computer services/consulting
(Example: The Originator)

12. Develop "Business Club Membership" model for training classes In progress
13. Write "Web Business Seminar" Syllabus for 2 hour presentation In progress
14. Create Template for "Business Technology Assessment", "Existing Organizational Technology Assessment Form", "Belarc Advisor for Workstation Assessment" In progress
15. MSI business proposal. PowerPoint Show (14 slides) In progress
MSI Workforce (MSI Comp) Computer Services Division - E-Commerce Services Status
1. (prototype) - e-commerce mall developed for sinlge point solution for small to medium sized business wanting to sell the product or sevices on the internet. Access Database solution for development, SQL for sell to clients.
In progress 
Develop sales/marketing plan. (See MSI powerpoint Show)
In progress 
MSI Workforce (MSI Comp) Computer Services Division - Training Status
Identify "Web Related" instructional courses that could complement the existing and new services offered by MSI.
In progress 
Establish relationships with private companies to bring additional "Web Related" instructional courses to MSI.
In progress 
3. Create market niche in competition with existing training companies and universities in the Houston area. Oversee the development and implementation of described programs.  In progress
4. Web based training room scheduling calendar.  In progress
5. Training Plan Spreadsheet, Income Projections (under development) In progress
6. Create syllabus for each class offered and 8.5 brochure of class offered. .
7. Write courseware if required for each course offered. .
8. Provide a training cost for training at various facilities per class which will be used to calculate class fees. Needs to include (min. and max.) class size, length of class, instructor, and training material. .
9. Provide a list of potential classes to be included in Master Class List offered by MSI. In progress 
1C Training Class - Web Site Design for Business Owners or Managers In progress
2C Training Class - Introduction to Web Design In progress
3C Training Class - Dreamweaver .
4C Training Class - FrontPage w/ extensions In progress
5C Training Class - Coldfushion w/ server .
6C Training Class - Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) .
7C Training Class - SQL Server .
8C Training Class - Forms using Active Server Pages (ASP) .
9C Training Class - Forms using Java Server Pages (JSP) .
10C Training Class - Multimedia (Fireworks, Flash) .
11C Training Class - Java Script .
12C Training Class - Graphics (Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, MS Illustrator) .
13C Training Class - Disaster Recovery Planning .
14C Training Class - Hardware and Software tech bench, Sun, Unix, other .
15C Training Class - Security (VPN, Digital Certificates, Firewalls, Security policies) .
16C Training Class - MS Office, Authorized MOUS Testing Center .

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