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Project Histories

W.S. Nelson, Houston, TX – Senior Mechanical (Structural/Piping) Designer, (direct), 2/2014 – 10/2015
Senior Mechanical (Structural/Piping) Designer, 2/14 – 10/15/15
Project Piping Lead, project involved preliminary design for oil & gas dewatering plant for Shell Oil which 3D design was done in AutoPlant. Supervised piping design team which provided construction plans and isometrics. Also worked as senior mechanical designer for multiple projects. One project involved preliminary design for oil & gas plant for Shell Oil which 3D design was done in AutoPlant. Second project was also for Shell Oil but was an offshore platform which 3D design was done in PDMS. I checked construction iso’s for the project. Worked with minimal supervision and provided 3D model review and checking. (AutoCAD, AutoPlant, PDMS, Navisworks)

W.S. Nelson, New Orleans, LA – Senior Mechanical (Structural/Piping) Designer, (contract), 12/12 – 2/2014
Project involved process and utility piping design for copper and gold mining facilities in Indonesia.
Reverse modeled other disciplines designs from construction drawings (civil, structral, electrical). Provided piping plans and construction Isos for multiple projects. Worked with minimal supervision and provided 3D model design work and construction drawings. (AutoCad, Bently AutoPLANT)

GovInd Development, Corpus Christi, TX – Senior Structural/Piping Designer, (contract), 08/12 – 12/12
Valero Oil & Gas Refinery in Dumas Texas. (Client) - Work included supporting turn-around work for multiple projects. Provided pipe design, tie-ins for new process systems and construction drawings. Worked with minimal supervision. Provided 3D model construction drawings and field as-builts. (AutoCAD, CADWorx)

Saulsbury Industries, Inc. Houston, TX – Mechanical Department Manager, (direct), 05/12 – 08/12
Design supervision of both piping and structural personnel on multiple projects. Departmental support for design, checking, estimating, construction, and procurement. 3D design models for structural and piping (CADWorx, AutoCAD) Kinder Morgan, (Client) - Compressor station upgrades to include tie-ins and new compressor system design. Work included pipe and structural design, checking, model review, and Iso control. 3D design models for structural and piping. Anadarko Petroleum, (Client) - Design of Oil & Gas Refinery to include general arrangements, P&ID development, and pipe design.

Burrow Global, Inc. Houston, TX – Project Senior Piping Lead/Structural Designer, (direct), 11/11 – 04/12
Work included design supervision of team members on multiple Oil & Gas Refinery piping projects.
Project work included 3D design modeling for structural/piping and discipline checking. Construction drawing included piping plans and constrcution iso's (CADWorx, AutoCAD). Departmental support for estimating, construction, procurement, and proposals.

Mustang Engineering, Bakersfield, CA- Senior Piping Designer/ Structural Designer, (direct), 01/11 – 11/11
Work included design and drafting supervision of project team on multiple process piping projects
Oxidental Petroleum, (Client) - Work included field as-builts of existing systems and 3D design modeling of new systems for construction. Projects – Oxy-1, Oxy-2, Oxy-3. Worked for both Civil/Structural and Piping departments as senior designer. Created construction drawing packages to include foundation plans & details, structural buildings & supports details, rebar design & estimating, piping plans & details, and constuction isometrics. (CADWorx, AutoCAD)

HKA Enterprises, Agusta, GA - Sr Piping Project Lead / Sr Piping Designer, (contract), 08/10 - 12/10
Clariant Corp., Dalton, GA (Client) - Cyclic Organic Crudes and Intermediates, and Organic Dyes and Pigments. Work included supervision of project designers generating field as-builts, creating 3D Design model. Supervision of 4 field piping designers and 4 CAD draftsman in off-site office location doing 3D modeling from isometric sketches generated by field crew. Field crew designed piping systems and sketched design for modelers for structural and piping. Checked piping isometrics & provided construction support. Generated bulk bill of material from isometrics for SAP comparison. (AutoCAD, Bentley AutoPLANT)

SCON Inc., Humble, TX - Senior Piping Designer, (contract), 9/09 – 11/09
Work included building as-built CADWorx 3D Design Model of existing structural & piping designs. Also generated structural and pipe design for multiple modular skids on project. CAD systems administrator – setup & installation of software, generation of CAD Piping Specs, automation of 2D piping plans and equipment layouts from 3D Model, and extraction of Iso’s using ISOGEN. (CADWorx, AutoCAD)

Mustang Engineering, LaPorte/Katy, TX - Senior Piping/Struct. Designer, (direct), 11/07 – 8/09
Work included field as-builts of existing systems and design/draft of new systems. Created 3D design models for structural and piping. Multiple projects include Tesoro Refining - North Dakota Tesoro-1, Tesoro-2, Tesoro-3, Tesoro-4), Big West - California, Valero - Pasedena, TX and Celanese. (CADWorx, AutoCAD, 3D Scanning & Point Cloud Software)

Foster Wheeler, Houston, TX - Senior CAD Applications Engineering Specialists, (dirtect), 03/07 – 11/07
Primary responsibility to support all disciplines for assigned projects. Acted as a primary contact person for CAD project support. Interfaces with the various design groups for project creation, drawing extraction from models and model reviews. Troubleshoots and solves day-to-day problems related to CAD and design applications. Performed audits of project deliverables for all disciplines. Provided methods and procedures to meet project deliverable goals which included used of reference files, writing scripts, and writing lisp routines. Supported CAD production as needed by each discipline. (PDS, MicroStation, AutoCad, SharePoint)

Shaw, Stone & Webster, Housto, TX - Principal Piping Designer, (direct), 8/06 - 01/07
Boiler Feed Water unit conversion. Work done using as-builts and photographs. Generated 3D piping design model and extracted construction iso’s for job including Bill of Materials. Also provided pipe support design and details. (AutoCAD, Rebis Propipe)

S&B Engineering, Houston, TX - Senior Piping Designer, (direct), 02/06 - 08/06
Created design and construction drawings for Gasoline plant for Enterprise Projects in Gaines, Texas. Work included reading P&ID's and equipment drawings and designing systems structural layouts, piping design modeling in 3D. Extracted stress and construction iso's for final design. All structural, equipment and piping were done in 3D. (AutoCAD, Bentley AutoPLANT)

LoneStar Marine Shelters, Galveston, TX - Design Drafting Manager, (contract), 11/05 - 02/06
Provided design drafting supervision for multiple offshore fabrication projects. Included structural design & detailing for fabrication. Drawings included general arrangement and fabrication drawings for living quarters and helideck for offshore platforms. Managed project drafting production, design review, checking, created drafting standards and trained personnel. (A14, x15utoCAD)

NRG Manufacturing, Tomball, TX - Design Drafting Manager, Project Manager, (contract), 08/05 - 11/05
Provided design drafting services for multiple fabrication projects. Design included structural & piping for process skids for use in the oilfield. Drawings included general arrangement, design and detail drawings for fabrication shop. Managed project schedules, budgets, vendor contact, fabrication shop supervision, and client presentations. (AutoCAD) Provided Project Management, Design Services and Fabrication Supervision for project Canrig in Magnolia.

Snapshots of drawings include structural and piping for drilling skid.

Piping - Structural & Piping Assembly, Structrual & Piping Details - 1, Structural & Piping Details - 2, Structural Details - 3

Structural - Struct. Skid - 1, Struct. Skid - 2, Struct. Skid - 3, Struct. Piping Penatration Loc. Plan - 4, Struct. Equip Location Plan - 5, Struct. Equip. Control Panel - 6

Photos - x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x12, x13, x14, x15

Millennium Project Technologies, Inc., Houston, TX - Design/Drafting Manager, (direct), 11/15/98 to 9/15/99
Celeanese Oil & Gas - Multiple projects in Texas and Louisiana.
On-shore field as-builts of compressor plant in Beaumont, Texas which included lease plots, detailed piping drawings, construction isometrics and construction support. Off-shore field as-builts for multiple offshore platform projects including both structural and pipe design. Projects included adding additional scrubbers, knock-out drums, metering stations, and christmas tree modifications. (AutoCAD)

Internet Plus, Houston, TX - (Owner), 03/98 to 11/98
Provided Design Drafting Services for multiple clients - civil, structural, and piping (AutoCAD).

Bristal Babcock - Provided Engineering and Design services to interprit construction drawings on multi-national pipeline across ........

Snapshots are of SCADA interface screens designed for PMEX project. It included over 100 SCADA screens with intelegent linking to remotes computer devices in the field. These devices included Control Valves, Pressure and Temperature Indicators. Computer operating system that everything was working on was Unix. The graphic interface was developed by Bristal Babcock.

drawing 1, drawing 2, drawing 3, drawing 4, drawing 5, drawing 6, drawing 7, drawing 8, drawing 9, drawing 10, drawing 11, drawing 12

Kodiak Industries, Inc. - Mechanican Designer (Structural/Piping) (Client)
Oil/Gas production skids for multiple in-house clients. Provided 3D design modeling and drafting functions which included detailed structural and piping drawings, construction isometrics, bill's of material and construction supervision.

Ultra Car Care - Architecturtal, Commercial business Development (Client)
Provided Design/drafting services for construction of a new auto repair facility. As-Built existing and modify from new design basis. Generated a 3D Design Model ( view-1, view-2 ) and 2D construction drawings.

Meadowview Residence - Architectural, Created as-built 3D model of existing facility. Created 3D Design Model of front porch addition, green house, gazebo over pond ( view-1 ) and 2D construction drawings.

Misty Residence - Architetural, Created as-built 3D model of existing residence.( xx-1 )

Firestone Car Care (Client) - Architectural, Created a 3D model for architect from construction drawings (Client), Model used in investor presentation ( xx-1, xx-2 )

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., Houston, TX - Lead Piping Designer, (contract), 03/97 - 03/98
Poly Silicon Plant, Albemarle Corp., Pasadena, Texas. (Client)
Project included field as-builts, generating survey information using transit, and locating tie-in point for new construction. Responsibilities include process unit layout and design, generate design drawings to include unit plot plans, piping plans, piping sections, and construction ISOs. (AutoCAD, CadPIPE)

Gulf Interstate Engineering, Houston, TX - Senior Piping Designer, (contract), 06/95 - 02/97
Pipeline transfer tunnel under Houston Ship Channel. Work included 3D piping model from multiple land lease plot drawings, additional detail from piping construction drawings, and update process flow drawings. Created composite 3D model from drawings going back to 1930's. (AutoCAD)

Kvaerner, Earl & Wright, Inc., Houston, TX - CADD Manager, (direct), 11/93 - 06/95
Managed design drafting department for multiple sub-sea pipeline and offshore platform projects. Disciplines included civil, process, electrical, mechanical, structural, piping, and instrumentation. Hired staff, scheduled and checked work, document control, and project meetings with clients. Clients were Agip Petroleum and Amoco Oil Corp. (AutoCAD)
(Civil drawings included subsea plot plans; work included plotting of field data, topo information, plotting pipeline around subsea structures, and shipping right of way.)

Foster Wheeler, Inc., Houston, TX - Lead Piping Designer, (contract), 11/93
Multiple projects for Lyondell Corporation, Pasadena, Texas. (Client)
Managed piping design and construction drawings for areas within project. Supervised designers and drafters, interfaced between multiple disciplines, scheduled and checked design/drafting production. Work included checking of existing systems and design/draft new systems for construction. Generated as-built 3D model from construction isos, plans and sections (AutoCAD, Rebis ProPipe). Provided design quality control utilizing 3D model reviews.

Riley Stoker Consolidated, Wooster, MASS - Senior CAD Specialists, (contract), 01/93 - 03/93
Electrical and Mechanical installation details for multiple co-generation projects (Autotrol).

S&B Engineers & Const., Houston, TX - Senior Piping Designer, (direct), 06/92 - 01/93
Alkalization Plant, Shell Oil Corp., Pasadena, Texas. (Client)
Project included field as-builts, generating survey information using transit, and locating tie-in point for new construction. Work included field as-builts of existing systems and design/draft new systems for construction. Generated plans, sections, construction isos, created 3D design model and created P&IDs (Autotrol, AutoCAD, Rebis Propipe).

Dreco, Inc., Houston, TX - Senior Structural/Mechanical Designer, (contract), 11/91 - 06/92
Design and Detail for construction offshore drilling platform. Design included multiple lifts off barge with weight restrictions, calculation of weights, center of gravity for lifting, and assembly requirements for multiple lifts. (AutoCAD)

General Dynamics (Egypt) -CAD Systems Engineer, (contract), 07/91 - 11/91
M1/A1 Tank Plant, General Dynamics, Egypt.
Establish CAD system for client which included installation, maintenance and networking of 30 computer workstations. Responsibilities included training, network procedures, managed designers and drafters, interfaced between multiple disciplines, and scheduled and checked design drafting production. (AutoCAD)

Texas Energy, Houston, TX - CADD Manager, (direct), 08/90 - 05/91
Corporate Office Expansions, ARCO Corporation, Houston, Texas. Managed CAD department for mechanical consulting firm. Responsibilities included training, establish network procedures, managed designers and drafters, interfaced between multiple disciplines, scheduled and checked design/drafting production. Project work included as-built architectural drawings for commercial hi-rise building. Included floor plans and details, electrical layout and details, plumbing and heating and air conditioning systems. (AutoCAD, MicroStation)

Technology Development Center, Inc., Ponca City, OK - Engineering Manager, (Owner), 1988 - 1990
Provided Engineeering & Design Drafting Services for multiple clients - Mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and piping (AutoCAD) Witco Carbon Black Plant Expansion, Witco Corp., Ponca City, Oklahoma (Client) - Managed design drafting staff for plant expansion. Projects included 1) field as-builts of existing plant, 2) Construction Contractors shower facilities & parking lot, 3) design of new 600 ft conveyor system across plant, 4) reactor upgrades, 5) expansion of railroad car loading and silo expansion, instrument conversion of plant from hydraulic and pneumatic to PLC system 7) design and detail multiple structural maintenance platforms for plant expansion 8) plant equipment plot plan

Conoco Corp., Ponca City, OK, (Contract) - Work in chemical plant included field walk down of existing process systems. Generated unit P&IDs using Intergraph and MicroStation.

Project Cypress, Tomball, TX - Architectural Design, 3D Model of Commercial / Residential Development

A commercial development for a client which required the combining of two Residential and two Commercial lots along Highway 290. Two commercial lots face highway 290 and two adjoining residential lots facing a private subdivision. Design Basis – Phase I – the client would build and live in 2 story garage apartment while Phase II residence was being constructed. Family would move into Phase II (2,900 sq ft) and business would operate from apartment above garage. Phase III (additional 2,900 sq ft) would begin approximately 1-2 years following completion of Phase II. Moving into Phase III would allow business to expand into Phase II. Phase IV of development was the construction of a separate commercial building for the business fronting highway 290. Phase IV could be used for client’s business or be leased out for additional income.

Snapshots of drawings include structural and piping for drilling skid.

3D Design & Layout - Cover drawing, Site Plan , Residence Floor Plan - Phase I & Phase II, Material Estimate - Residence, 3D Plans & Elevations, Residence Elect. Plan, Residence Plumbing Plan, Site Waste Disposal Plan, Garage Floor Plan, Office Floor Plan, Tempoary Residence Floor Plan

CAD/CAM Resources, Houston, TX - Engineering Manager, (Owner), 1982 - 1988
Providing design/drafting services to multiple clients. Below is a sample of clients and services performed for each project. Chemical Plant As-Builts, Mobay Chemical Co., Pasadena, Texas (Client).
Update existing plans and sections for units within refinery. Required walking down of each unit and revising existing drawings. Drafting production was both manual and CAD (Autotrol).

Frito Lay Corp., Dallas, Texas (Client) - Mechanical Designer
Statistical Weigher Roll-out projects. Work included generating as-built drawings for plant sites, expanding the process, packaging, electrical, and warehousing areas to accommodate the Statistical Weighers at each plant. Responsibilities included preliminary design, supervising designers and drafters, scheduling, checking, document control, interfacing between multiple project engineers and clients. Drawings included plans and sections, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, mechanical conveying systems, and structural platforms. Managed CAD personal working on various projects. (Autotrol)

Smith Systems, Corpus Christi, Texas (Client) - Mechanical Piping Designer
Work included skid based pigging stations and metering stations. (Autotrol)

Rogers Design & Drafting Service - Owner 1981 - 1982

Client List:

CRS Sirrine Corp. - Architectural Draftsman

Baker Marine - Structural Designer Detailer

Edge International - Steel Design Detailer & Const. Supervisor

Challenger Drilling Company - Structural/Mechanical Designer

McDermott Engineering, Inc. - Civil/Structural Designer

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