Hello from George and Cheryl Rogers

Cheryl is the business owner and George is chief cook and bottle washer.

Cheryl decided to start "Backyard BBQ" as a business instead of going to work as a traditional employee. It allows Cheryl and George to spend time together doing the things they enjoy. They enjoy BBQ'ing and the friends they make providing delicious meals.

George has been BBQ'ing since he was a teenager. It was a main food staple for him when he was single. He would daily cook pork ribs and chicken on his grill on his porch. Over the years he has organized and BBQ'd for goups both small and large. He has provided catering for family gatherings of 5 - 20 and church groups of 200 plus in size.

Backyard BBQ will be providing lunch and dinner from our Grant road location, catering on demand for our clients, and traveling local festivals. See our schedule for times and locations near you.

We have both come together to provide you the best BBQ to serve your family and friends.

Come by and let us cook for you.

George and Cheryl Rogers