Frequently Asked Questions


How long do you cook your briskets? We cook our briskets for 10 to 12 hours depending on the size of the brisket.
Do you use a seasoning rub? Yes, we hand rub all our briskets with a homemade seasoning mix. The seasoning mix does two things. One is to create a special flavor and second is to tenderize the meat similar to steak tenderizer.
What gives the brisket the pink or red ring around the meat? The red ring is cause by the meat being exposed to the smoke. It is called a smoke ring.The longer the meat is smoked the more pronounced the ring is.
Can you over cook a brisket? Yes, one of two things occur. One is you burn it and it is tough to eat or the second is to cook it so long that it is like pot roast and you cannot cut it because it falls apart.